Saturday, January 01, 2011

Ten Ideas for Making Sys Admins Life Easier

A message from administrators to application vendors:
1. DO have a "silent install" option.
2. DON'T make the administrative interface a GUI.
3. DO create an API so that the system can be remotely administered.
4. DO have a configuration file that is an ASCII file, not a binary blob.
5. DO include a clearly defined method to restore all user data, a single user's data, and individual items
6. DO instrument the system so that we can monitor more than just, "Is it up or down?"
7. DO tell us about security issues.
8. DO use the built-in system logging mechanism 
9. DON'T scribble all over the disk.
10. DO publish documentation electronically on your Web site.

Three Common Application Problems Developers Should Watch Out For

In summary:
- ORMs can really be dangerous on your application if you don't understand whats happening internally.
- Very few developers (a fringe of a fringe) really understand threading and can write multithreaded applications.
- Memory leaks take place in java by not closing and freeing resources and could become a real performance problem if not tracked correctly.

Finding Free Use Fonts

Don't look any further:

Wonderful site with many free for use fonts.