Tuesday, May 03, 2011

Setting a default program to open files with unknown extensions or no extension on Windows 7

I always get frustrated having to select a program to open a file when most of the time this program is notepad.

I searched the internet for a way to define a default program to open files for all other files that have extensions not defined on windows. Luckily, I found this article:

To modify the registry you have to run regedit.exe and modify or add the following:


@="Open With Notepad"

@="notepad.exe %1"


Note the following, if the key does not exist, you have to create it.
Example, create the key "open" and created under it the key "command"
Also @= means the default value for the key
Application=Notepad means you have to create a string value containing Application and value Notepad
Also, the last key make sure to notice the ".", its not "FileExts" but rather "FileExts\.", a subkey inside FileExts labeled dot.

Or simply, the above could be saved into a *.reg file and executed.

After that you will get in the context menu the option to open with Notepad for any unknown file.