Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How BP Handles a Coffee Spill

Simulating how BP handled it's oil spill on a smaller scale scenario ... a coffee spill.

Disclaimer: If you didn't follow the news then you wont get it.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A good Drupal alternative?

Frankly, I'm quite fedup with Drupal.

My plan is to find an alternative. And here's my research findings.

I bumped into the following excellent CMSs that I would like to try out:

1. Concrete 5 (PHP using Zend Framework)
2. BrowserCMS (Ruby on Rails)
3. Silver Stripe (PHP using Sapphire)
4. modx (PHP)
5. Frog CMS (PHP)
6. MiaCMS
7. CMS Made Simple
8. TextPattern
9. ImpressCMS

Well, I think all of them are excellent. I really likes the Concrete 5 video preview though.

Also have a look at this top chart:

In search for a User, Group, Role & Security Java Library

I've been longing for a Java library that would cover all the needs of authorization and authentication within an application in a sensible manner. The library shouldn't require huge EJB structures and should allow being used within a POJO context.

I've searched and found three useful libraries:
3. Spring Security

The one that drives my curiosity the most is Apache Ki. Seems very promising.