Monday, December 12, 2011

How to comment code in VI or VIM

Mark the area which is to be commented using the *blockwise* visual mode (CTRL-V, in Windows this is CTRL-Q).

Press I (capital i) and write the text you want to prepend to each line of the selected block, e.g. #####.

Then press ESC and the text will be inserted to the left of each line of the selected block.

getResouce and Files in java. I just hate having to search for this every time.

To get a file inside a jar, you have to do the following:

URI resourceURI = this.class.getResource("/path/to/file/in/jar/config.txt").toURI();

To open the file using a file you can do:

File theFile = new File(resourceURI);

To read the contents of the file:

List<String> lines = Files.readLines(theFile, Charsets.UTF_8);

To read the files in a directory:

// Load the directory as a resource
URL dir_url = ClassLoader.getSystemResource(dir_path);
// Turn the resource into a File object
File dir = new File(dir_url.toURI());
// List the directory
String files = dir.list()